Meet Liv Reese – Looliez Winner of the 2019 Halloween Photo Contest


We are happy to announce that the Liv Reese,
a dancer, singer and model from Boston, MA, is the winner of the Looliez 2019 Halloween photo contest!

Liv Reese

Age: 17

Location: Boston, MA, USA



  My dream is to move to New York City!

I would love to model for big brands and companies! 

I also hope to help in the fight against climate change and teach others how they can live more sustainably to help preserve our Earth!

Favorite brand

Clothes are one of my favorite things ever, I love fashion!

I usually thrift shop so I can find unique clothes that others don’t have!

That being said, one of my favorite brands is probably H&M!


You can do anything you set your mind to as long as you put in the effort to work towards your goal!





Meet Olivia, Brand Ambassador from the USA


1. Why did you decide to go into modeling?

I decided to get into modeling because it’s really something i’ve always wanted to do.

I never thought i’d be able to, but after a ton of hard work I get work all the time!

I’d like to encourage others who aren’t confident in themselves to really push themselves out of their comfort zones and try new things because that’s what I did and look where I am!

Don’t ever give up on your dreams. Hard work really does pay off.

2. How do you balance school and work?

Balancing school and work is definitely sometimes tricky. Most of the time when I find out I am booked for something on a school day I will let me teachers know and get all of my work in advance so I can work on it in the car and during breaks so I don’t ever get behind.

3. What has been the most exciting or fun job you’ve shot so far?

I would have to say one of the most fun jobs I have done was a music video shoot for Caroline Romano’s song “Ready!”

It was in a fancy diner and we stayed out shooting till 3am.

It was so much fun and everyone involved was so sweet and kind to me!!

You should totally go check out the video, it’s awesome!

4. What advice would you give to other young kids who want to pursue modeling?

The advice I would share is push yourself to try new things and never give up. I never thought I would be able to act or model and now after I have built up my resume, I get more work! I have worked so hard to earn all of the bookings I have gotten and all of my hard work really pays off. It is so much fun and when you enjoy what you’re doing, other people can really tell. No matter what others say about you, ignore them, work harder, and prove them wrong. You can do anything you set your mind to. I am living proof of that!

5. Who is your favorite child actor?

My favorite child actor is Jacob Tremblay. I chose Jacob because I absolutely love the movie “Wonder.” He is such a sweet little boy and a great role model for any child who wants to get into modeling or acting in the future. In the movie he plays a boy who has a facial deformity and the whole movie is very inspiring and just amazing! I’ve loved him ever since I saw it.

6. What is your least favorite thing about being a child actor?

I think my least favorite thing about being a child actor would probably be the negativity it sometimes draws. Some people automatically think differently of you and assume you think you’re better than them. A lot of people can be rude to you due to jealousy sometimes but it’s up to you to not let it bother you and realize you chose this career knowing this all could happen. Be positive, confident, and don’t let other’s opinions bother or get to you because it’s not worth it!

7.Who is your role model?

My role model is probably my mom. She is the most selfless person I know because she always puts others before herself. She supports me no matter what and is always there for me. I love her so much and she is my best friend!

What is your dream?

My dream is to be on a Disney or Nick show because when I was little all I looked forward to all day was coming home and watching my favorite TV shows. They meant so much to me and were such a big part of my childhood. I want to be a big part of little girls and boys lives when they are growing up and be a positive influence and role model for them!

9. What was your first modeling/ambassador job?

My first big modeling job was with one of my best friends for Jady K Boutique. a local We modeled clothes and did a photo shoot. It was super fun especially because I got to experience it with one of my close friends!

10. What is your dream job and/or for which brands would you dream of modeling?

I dream of modeling for big names like Converse, American Eagle, and Aeropastle just because they are brands that I wear everyday so it would feel super natural and I would feel confident  representing the brands!