Why did you decide to go into modeling?

I got into modeling after entering a local magazine contest and was scouted by Fordrba Jessica Spencer. My parents let me become a model to help with my shyness. I have been modeling for 3 months and love it. 

Who is your role model?

My Mom is my role model because she supports me has teached me how to model. She never gives up even when things get really hard. 

What is your dream?

My dream is to someday travel around the world as a worship singer and make 1,000 people cry. 

What is your dream job and/or for which brands would you dream of

My dream job would be to model for Guess and Ralph Lauren. I want to model around the world and be an inspiration. 




Why did you decide to go into modeling?

I decided to go into modeling because people would always stop my mom saying that i should be a gerber baby.
So when i was 8 months,my mom found a manager for me.

How do you balance school and work?

Its not hard to balance school and work because most of my auditions are held after school.
If i book a job,my teacher gives me homework to do while on the road.

What has been the most exciting or fun job you’ve shot so far?

The most exciting job I’ve done was 2 catalogs for Matilda Jane Clothing.
We went to Massachusetts for the weekend, and i was able to play tea party on set, somethingi love to do.

What advice would you give to other young kids who want to pursue modeling?

 I recommend anyone wanting to get into this business to have lots of time,patience and flexibility.
There are pros and cons with any job you apply to whether its in this industry or not.
Don’t let anyone discourage you from your passion.

Travel Guide: Best NYC Boutiques for Fashion-Forward Kids

If you’re anything like us, shopping is a huge part of our vacations.

We love to wonder new cities, explore different neighborhoods and of course, check out the local boutiques for one-of-a-kind finds.

New York City was no different.  Below are some of our favorite finds… shoppers beware, the cuteness was out of control!

My Little Sunshine – adorable space in a vintage setting, this Chelsea boutique had it all – clothes, toys, books and even a salon for haircuts in the back!  177 9th Avenue at 20th street.

Yoya – the West Village was not at a lack for boutiques and Yoya was a crowd pleaser.  It was well stocked with kids’ apparel in all sizes and a range of hip brands.  A neighborhood not to be missed, afterwards you can pop over to one of the many coffee shops or restaurants and grab a table. 605 Hudson Street at 12th Street.

PiccoliNYC – Nestled in Little Italy, PiccoliNYC was stocked with baby and kids’ gear, unique brands and clothes, toys, books and more.  And with an added NYC-flair, our little one left dressed to the nines! Afterwards, stroll around Little Italy and pop into one of the many pizzerias or pasterias, or grab a seat outside at one of the dozens of Italian restaurants (weather permitting of course)!  167 Mott Street at Broome.

Z’Baby Company – Our journey to the Upper West Side lead us to Z’Baby – stocked with chic, urban apparel for fashion-forward kids from babies to teens.  It was hard to leave empty handed, and even harder to choose only a few pieces!  100 W 72ndStreet at Columbus Avenue.  The street was lined with shops and boutiques for all ages and tastes.  Afterwards, take a stroll through Lincoln Center.

Jacadi – Crossing Central Park, we strolled into Jacadi. This Parisian-inspired clothing store had the most delicious outfits fit for any prince or princess.  While more on the pricey side, a must see, even if you’re just strolling through.  1260 3rd Avenue at 73rd Street.

Happy shopping!