Meet Liv Reese – Looliez Winner of the 2019 Halloween Photo Contest


We are happy to announce that the Liv Reese,
a dancer, singer and model from Boston, MA, is the winner of the Looliez 2019 Halloween photo contest!

Liv Reese

Age: 17

Location: Boston, MA, USA



  My dream is to move to New York City!

I would love to model for big brands and companies! 

I also hope to help in the fight against climate change and teach others how they can live more sustainably to help preserve our Earth!

Favorite brand

Clothes are one of my favorite things ever, I love fashion!

I usually thrift shop so I can find unique clothes that others don’t have!

That being said, one of my favorite brands is probably H&M!


You can do anything you set your mind to as long as you put in the effort to work towards your goal!