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1. Why did you decide to go into modeling?

My dream since I was six years old was to be a model, but I waited as mom thought I was too young.

I turned 10 in May and my mom agreed to let me start as modeling is what I dream of doing.

I belong to a few Dutch modeling agencies as well as in Belgium, Germany and in Spain. I can’t be happier right now.


2. How do you balance school and work?

As much as I love modeling, school is my first priority!

I have made an arrangement with my school so I can miss a few school days for my modeling jobs.

But I make sure to keep up with school work!



3. What has been the most exciting or fun job you’ve shot so far?

The first week off September I have a large shoot for a new high end fashion brand.

The clothes have been custom made for me which is very exciting!

It’s confidential so I can’t share much about it yet!


4. What is your dream?

My dream is to be like Doutzen Kroes the famous Dutch international model.

She works for every big brand and I would love to be a Victoria’s Secret angel!

As you can see, I have big dreams, but I take it step by step and will see what comes my way.


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