1. Why did you decide to go into modeling?

Scarlett decided she wanted to model and act at the age of three when saw “Mary Poppins” the musical.

After working on a few projects she realized she enjoyed modeling too.

2. How do you balance school and work?

Scarlett keeps her grades up and has always met the state standards to get a child actor’s work permit.

Homework and studying gets done while we drive to and from auditions and while we wait for her to audition.

3. What has been the most exciting or fun job you’ve shot so far?

She enjoys everything about acting and modeling, even the audition process.

But her two favorite projects are “Dance of Vengeance”, a short film that is still in the making and a Toyota commercial that aired in March 2018.

4. What advice would you give to other young kids who want to pursue modeling?

She would tell aspiring child models that, “modeling and acting is fun and that you always try your best because even if you don’t book

a job that you were looking forward to, there will always be more.

You just have to try your best and have fun while doing so.”

5. Who is your favorite child actor?

Her favorite child actor is Nathan Arenas, he does the character of Jorge on Disney channel’s “Bunk’d”.

6. What is your least favorite thing about being a child actor?

What Scarlett likes the least about being a kid actor is that sometimes we miss out on family parties or events if she happens to book something that falls on that date.

But we book out in advance for things like her birthday or if we make plans for something.

7.Who is your role model?

Her role model is her dancing instructor.

8. What is your dream?

Scarlett’s dream is to become an actress/model.


9. What was your first modeling/ambassador job?

Her first ambassador job was for jackks pacific toys.

10. What is your dream job and/or for which brands would you dream of

She doesn’t have specific brands that she wants to model for, but her dream is to become an actress and model.


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