Why did you decide to go into modeling?

I went into modelling because people would stop me constantly in the street and tell me that I should do modelling!

After a while I thought I would give it a try!

 How do you balance school and work?

I haven’t yet had any work during school time so it hasn’t been tricky.

 What has been the most exciting or fun job you’ve shot so far?

I had a test shoot for a photographer in the easter holidays and we got to try on some really funky childrens wear that you would see in magazines but never have the guts to buy if you saw it in a shop.

I will be able to post them in the next couple of weeks hopefully and you can see how cool the clothes were for yourself!

 What advice would you give to other young kids who want to pursue modeling?

Enjoy every moment because life is about having fun!

 Who is your favorite child actor?

I love the girls from H20 mermaids tv show set in australia. Its my favourite show right now and think the three actresses are so pretty.
I wish I could become a mermaid.

What is your least favorite thing about being a child actor?

I’m not really that confident at showing certain emotions so that is why I specialise in Modelling really

7.Who is your role model?

My role model are anyone who care about trying to save the planet.

I love to hear about regular people trying to stop animal cruelty and human suffering.

I hope to be able to help even more when i make a career out of modelling

8. What is your dream?

My dream is to become rich enough to help those less fortunate……and to live in a hot country not like the UK

9. What was your first modeling/ambassador job?

My first modelling job was when i was just 2 years old for an english catalogue called studio 24.
That’s when i realised how good I was for the job

10. What is your dream job and/or for which brands would you dream of  modeling?

My dream job would be for any company that was ethical and cool because of their positive contributions to society.
I would love to be able to model in natural surroundings like the ocean or in the forest. That would be sooo cool!!

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